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Composting Basics: How Does Composting Work

Regardless of your current soil conditions, the addition of compost can transform it into a healthy growing medium for plants. Compost can be worked into the soil by hand or

Compost Tea Recipe: How To Make Compost Tea

Using compost tea in the garden is a great way to both fertilize and improve the overall health of your plants and crops. Farmers and other compost tea makers have used this

Heat And Compost – Heating Up Compost Piles

Heat and compost production go hand in hand. To activate compost micro-organisms to their fullest potential, temperatures must remain between 90 and 140 degrees F. (32-60 C.)

Compost Smells Bad: How To Fix Bad Smelling Compost

While compost for the garden is wonderful,  a compost pile can occasionally get a little smelly. This leads many gardeners to wonder, “Why does compost smell?” and, more impo

Storing Compost – Tips On The Storage Of Garden Compost

Compost is a living thing filled with organisms and microbiotic bacteria that require aeration, moisture and food. Learning how to store compost is easy to do and can increas

Turning Your Compost Heap – How To Aerate A Compost Pile

Compost in the garden is often called black gold, and for good reason. Compost adds an amazing amount of nutrients and helpful microbes to our soil, so it makes sense that yo

Animals And Bugs In Compost – Preventing Compost Bin Animal Pests

A composting program is a fantastic way to put kitchen scraps and yard waste to work in your garden. Compost is rich in nutrients and provides valuable organic material to pl

Best Compost Bins: Tips For Choosing The Perfect Compost Bin

Composting is an excellent way to reduce kitchen and yard waste by turning it into something useful. If you have a yard with any sort of green waste, you have what it takes t

Lasagna Composting – How To Layer Sod For A Lasagna Compost Garden

Sod layering is also known as lasagna gardening. And no, lasagna is not just a culinary specialty, though building a lasagna compost garden is the same process as creating la

Compost Enhancing Bacteria: Information On Beneficial Bacteria Found In Garden Compost

Bacteria are found in every living habitat on earth and play an essential role with regards to composting. In fact, without compost bacteria, there would be no compost, or li

Winter Composting: How To Keep Compost Over Winter

A healthy compost pile needs to be kept up all year long, even in the cold, dark days of winter. The decomposition process does slow some when composting during winter as the

Where Do Pot Worms Come From – Compost Garden Soil Has Worms

If you've added materials that change the pH balance in your compost pile or if rain showers have made it much wetter than usual, you might notice a large collection of

What Are Soldier Flies: Help For Larva Found In Compost Piles

If you've been disturbed by greyish-brown larva found in compost piles, you've probably come across the relatively harmless soldier fly larva. These grubs thrive

Making Compost Indoors – How To Compost In The Home

In this day and age, most of us are aware of the benefits of composting. Composting provides an environmentally sound method of recycling food and yard waste while avoiding f

Can Compost Be Used As Mulch: Information On Using Compost As Garden Mulch

In a sustainable garden, compost and mulch are important ingredients that should be used constantly to keep your plants in top condition. If they're both so important,

Dealing With Flies In The Compost: Should I Have A Lot Of Flies In My Compost?

Your compost bin is filled with kitchen scraps, manure, and other spoiled vegetable matter, so a logical question would be, “Should I have a lot of flies in my compost?” The

The Ultimate Guide To Composting For Beginners

Using compost for gardens is as popular these days as it was long ago. But what if you're just getting started with compost? In this Beginner's Guide to Compost, y

Gardening With Compost: How Compost Helps Plants And Soil

Most of us have heard that gardening with compost is a good thing, but what specifically are the benefits of composting and how does compost help? In what way is garden compo

Why Are Vegetables Popping Up In Compost Pile?

Seeds sprouting up in compost? I admit it. I am lazy. As a result, I often get some errant veggies or other plants popping up in my compost. While this is of no particular co

My Compost Tea Stinks: What To Do When Compost Tea Smells Bad

Using compost in conjunction with water to create an extract has been used by farmers and gardeners for hundreds of years to add additional nutrients to crops. Today, most pe

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