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Leland Cyprus trees

QuestionMy row (200 ft) of Leland Cyprus trees about 8 yrs old started showing dying from inside to end of limbs this summer. Sent County Agr Ext group several limbs for testing. Negative results. No evidence of bag

leylandii roots

QuestionI have several conifers edging my garden,but the roots are distorting the wall adjacent.If I take some height off and clip the foliage back will this stop the roots from causing more damage? AnswerProbaball

5 SS European Tree

QuestionI bought a small tree at wal-mart the other day as a gift for my wife, and cant find any good ideas on how to care for the tree, and of course noone at wal-mart had any idea. Any help would be greatly apprec

Harvesting Pinecones

QuestionI would like information on how I can harvest pinecones from any foresty service. Or where can I buy pinecones in bulk? I have read that several forestries gather cones for the seeds for reforestation. Where

Pines and Firs?

QuestionIm doing homework and have been trying to find out for an hour the difference between a Pine Tree and a Fir Tree. So far, it just looks like they are from the same family, but different? What IS

Bald Cypres

QuestionWhat time of the year can I prune off the lower branches of a 30foot 10 year old tree? I would like to take off all branches up to six feet from the ground. Thanks AnswerIts best to prune during

planting redwood trees

QuestionI would like to plant a small grove of redwood trees on a portion of my 1 acre home lot in Nothern California. I would like to plant 5 or 6 trees and would like to know what spacing I should use and configur

Dying Pine??

QuestionHi Jim, we just moved into a new development and the developer planted an evergreen on each property. Our tree died before we moved in and so they planted another one in mid-October. We watered it befo

Narrow Pines or Firs

QuestionI have an area about 25 ft in length that has a 5ft high chainlink fence. On either side of this 25 length, I have 18 yr old white pines about 40 high. I would like to place 2 narrow pines or firs within th

caterpillars eating pine needles

QuestionI live in a rural area in southern Indiana near the Ohio River and have numerous small pines on my property. I believe these are white pines. They seem to self =propagate and have always seemed quite h

Pine/Spruce Cones

QuestionHow do you start growing a Spruce or Pine from its cone? AnswerLike all conifers Spruce and pine produce seeds in cones. The first thing to do is the air dry the cones at 70-75 degrees F for about 14-21 day

Round up around trees

QuestionPeter: Thanks for reading my question. I have a 14 foot tall Red oak and two 12 foot maples that I planted last summer. All three trees are planted in grass that is water by usual lawn irrigatio

Bagworm damage to Spruce tree

QuestionI have a mature spruce tree at the side of my house that has been attacked by bagworms during the summer. The tree is located on the edge of our property and the side that was attacked is not easily visible

mulching hemlocks

QuestionAt our home near Ocean City, Md. [sandy soil,well drained but low water table]there is a hedge formed from several hemlocks that are now about 25 years old. We are in a wooded area with mature oaks. The heml

Spruce trees

QuestionWell, my spruce trees are starting to pop out from the advice you gave me back on September 24/01. Thanks again! Now that they are sprouting and it is winter time, what is the best way to care fo

fertilize white pines

QuestionRick We live in the Cincinnati Ohio area. When our house was built aprox. 8 years ago the owners planted white pines down both sides of the property for privacy screens. The trees on one side were fertilized

Juniper Skyrocket

QuestionJuniper Skyrocket, is said to be a fast growing columner Juniper. In zone 6, with full sun, approx. how fast can I expect this to grow. I am trying to decide whether to buy 12 seedlings or 5 trees. Thanks so

moving pines and cedars

QuestionJim, about 7 years ago I planted some young cedars and pines along the front of our property. When I planted them, they were all around 3 or 4 feet tall and very, very thin. I never knew theyd gr

Bald Cypress

QuestionHi Rick, I know Bald Cypress isnt a conifer but maybe you can help anyway. Twenty years ago we were given two of these trees to landscape around an in-ground pool. We were told that their root s

Dwarf conifer in container

QuestionI moved a dwarf conifer from a small tub to a larger container a few months ago and I have 2 questions about it: 1.what do you think is the reason for parts of it turning brown ? 2.why has green moss started

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