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Dying Pine??

Hi Jim, we just moved into a new development and the developer planted an evergreen on each property.  Our tree died before we moved in and so they planted another one in mid-October. We watered it before the snow came (live in Minnesota) and it looked great all winter until now, after the snow melted.  It is starting to turn brown on the bottom branches and looks to be ascending up the tree turning brown more towards the center. The tree is about 10 feet tall.  I am sure the transplant was not done like a professional would have - the dirt around the tree is starting to cave in like there is air pockets around the roots.  Anything we can do to save the tree? I appreciate your time. Jill  

Sounds like the tree was not planted properly and the air killed some of the roots causing the foliage to turn brown. To make sure (since it is hard to diagnose on the net) I would call the Minn. Forestry people and ask them to come out and check your tree. Most states do this free as a service to landowners. The head of the Resource Protection Section is Olin Phillips, 651-296-5966. Tell him his friend from Alabama suggested you call him.  

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