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Creating and Stocking a Garden Pond Now Easier Than Ever Before

Garden ponds create a relaxing and enjoyable outdoor atmosphere, but where can you buy one? All the equipment, fish, snails, plants, and other things needed for a garden pond can be found on the Internet.

Lawn and Garden Tractor Pulling

Lawn and garden tractor pulling is a unique sport. Here are a few tips about it as well as some safety advice. Lawn and garden tractor pulling is a sport where a specially built tractor is used to

Best String Trimmers

A string trimmer is an easy way to keep your lawn tidy and clean. The following article provides information about the best string trimmers available in the market. A quality string trimmer should

How to Use a Sod Cutter

A sod cutter is an absolutely necessary tool for removing grass from a garden. However, one must understand it use, before going on a grass uprooting pursuit. Sod Cutters are popular garden tools,

Gas Powered Hedge Trimmers

Suitable for trimming large diameter branches, gas powered hedge trimmers are perfect for covering larger garden yards. Regarding the drawbacks, they are heavier and more expensive than other trimmers.

Garden Hose Repair

As an integral part of your garden maintenance, knowing how to repair a garden hose is a must. This article will show you how its done. Many people would not bother to go ahead with repairing a gar

How to Sharpen Hedge Trimmers

Well trimmed hedges certainly enhance the look of your garden, and hedge trimmers play an important role in helping you achieve that. Therefore, in order to have evenly trimmed hedges, you need to sharpen the equipment r

Hedge Trimmer Reviews

If you are passionate about gardening and your day does not start without spending time with your green friends, then I am sure you know what hedge trimmers are all about. To know which are the best trimmers, read on.

Tree Trimming Saws

Fall and winter seasons are good for trimming trees, such as, oak. Using an automated saw for it, saves time and physical efforts one would require to expend, manually. Choosing the right time to t

Manual Lawn Aerator

Aeration is an essential part of lawn care, that helps make it healthy and green. The manual lawn aerator is a good option to consider over a power aerator. Heres more about its uses, types, usage tips, etc.

Garden Tools List

If you have forayed into gardening, you will need some tools that will make it easier for you to tend to your garden. But, before you start a shopping spree, read this article. Without proper tools

Sod Cutter

A sod cutter is an important garden tool used in the construction and maintenance of lawns. The following article is a brief elaboration on its mechanism and use. A sod cutter is a garden tool that

How to Use a Dethatching Rake

Dethatching rake will make your lawn look green and well-maintained. Employing it could be a vital element of your lawn care routine. This article will help you understand what a dethatching rake is and how to use one. R

Gardening Tools for Women

Women are always fond of gardening, as it is a very relaxing hobby. Read the following article to find some useful tools for the same, if you are thinking of giving them as a gift to someone. Garde

How to Build a Hose Reel

To keep your garden hose neat and organized, you should invest in a hose reel. A hose reel is a gardening tool that is used for storing a hose. You can make your very own hose reel with some simple tools.

Tree Trimming Tools

Using the correct equipment for tree trimming is a prerequisite to complete the task safely and efficiently. Some of the popularly used tree trimming tools include hand saws, gas-powered chain saws, pole tree pruners, wo

Garden Tractor Parts and Attachments

Garden tractors are small and easy to use, designed mainly for domestic gardens. This article will give you essential information about the garden tractor parts and attachments. Garden tractors are

Tips for Installing and Using a Soaker Hose

The best thing about using a soaker hose is that it saves you some money. This Buzzle article will give you useful tips on how to install and use a soaker hose, along with information about the fittings that you will nee

How to Use a Weed Wacker Properly

If you want to get rid of the weed and grass growing in your garden, your best bet is to get a weed wacker. We show you how to properly and safely use a weed wacker to efficiently maintain your lawn, garden, or backyard.

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