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Wisteria Chinese

Wisteria Chinese Twining, woody vine valued for its drooping clusters of extremely fragrant violet-blue flowers. Perfe

Wisteria White Japanese

Wisteria White Japanese Twining, woody vine prized for its huge (15 to 18 in.) grape-like clusters of very fragrant whi

Wisteria Pink Japanese

Wisteria Pink Japanese Spectacular show of 18 in. fragrant rose-pink flower clusters hanging from a vigorous, climbing

Wisteria Blue Moon Kentucky

Wisteria Blue Moon Kentucky The hardiest of wisteria. Dependably blooms up to three times in a growing season. Lavender

Wisteria Aunt Dee Kentucky

Wisteria Aunt Dee Kentucky A proven hardy selection graced with 8 to 12 in. long clusters of lilac blue flowers. Superb

Wisteria Amethyst Falls American

Wisteria Amethyst Falls American Twining plant grows about a third the rate of Asian wisteria for better behavior in sm

White Bower Vine

White Bower Vine Evergreen twining branches hold glossy bright green compound foliage creating a perfect background for

Vincent Kiwi Vine

Vincent Kiwi Vine Vigorous-growing vine produces tasty, egg-size fruit that mature in late autumn. Needs little winter

Variegated Potato Vine

Variegated Potato Vine Twining vine that is evergreen in mild winters. Clusters of white blossoms have blue tinge and a

Trumpet Vine Yellow

Trumpet Vine Yellow Vigorously climbing vine clings to any surface! Bright yellow trumpet-shaped flowers add quite a sh

Trumpet Vine Scarlet

Trumpet Vine Scarlet Amazing warm season color display for fences, high walls or arbors. Vigorous grower produces blood

Trumpet Vine Royal

Trumpet Vine Royal Spectacular show of color when other vines start to fade. Handsome leaves back showy mauve trumpets

Trumpet Creeper

Trumpet Creeper Abundant sprays of trumpet-shaped salmon red flowers cover this deciduous vine for an extra long bloom

Trachelium caeruleum Devotion White

Trachelium caeruleum Devotion White

Trachelium caeruleum Devotion Purple

Trachelium caeruleum Devotion Purple

Trachelium caeruleum Devotion Blue

Trachelium caeruleum Devotion Blue

Topiary Angel Vine Ball on Stem

Topiary Angel Vine Ball on Stem Angel Vine, also known as Mattress Vine, is a delicate looking yet extremely durable plant. As it is a fast g

Sun Parasol(R) Burgundy Mandevilla

Sun Parasol(R) Burgundy Mandevilla Striking unique 2 to 3 inch wide flowers open an attractive dark burgundy and slowly

Strawberry Lemonade® Mandevilla

Strawberry Lemonade® Mandevilla Spectacular green and creamy white foliage is pink tinged as it emerges. Twining branch

Senecio confusus Mexican Flame Vine

Senecio confusus Mexican Flame Vine SECRETS OF SUCCESS:___LIGHT - HIGH LIGHT INDOORS___WATER - Water when soil is dry; keep drier in winter___

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