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How to Grow Dill for Garden Beauty -- and Pickles

Growing Dill Dill is easy to start from seed and grows best when planted outdoors. Choose a location with full sun -- at least eight hours of direct sunlight per day -- and well-drained soil. If your soil holds

How to Grow Herbs Indoors When a Sunny Window is All You Have

Growing Herbs Indoors Herbs grow best in full sun and planted in well-drained soil thats kept on the dry side. To grow herbs indoors, place them next to a south- or southwest-facing window that gets at least four

How to Grow Rosemary You Can Use Fresh or Dried

Growing Rosemary The name rosemary, a shrubby evergreen perennial herb thats native to Mediterranean climates, comes from Latin words that mean "dew of the sea." If you bear in mind that rosemarys nati

How to Grow Lavender for Heavenly Scents and Sensations

How to Grow Lavender When you see photos of the famed lavender fields of Provence, France, its love at first sight. Growing lavender flowers, however, is easy only when you analyze your garden soil, location, an

Is This the Reason Your Herbs are Dying?

1. Drainage Most herb varieties do best in well-drained soil, which is why container herbs do so well for so many of us. When potting your herbs, dont skip the step of adding a drainage path at the bottom of your

Handcrafted Plant Labels

Label your herb garden with a rustic sign. Natural materials belong in a garden. Whether you eventually plan to build an arbor, a fence, or a rustic table or bench from twigs and fallen trees, start with somet

Herb Butter and Cheeses

Add fresh herbs to cheese spreads. A great way to become familiar with the flavor of an herb entails making an herb butter or herb cheese and using it as a spread. Almost any herb makes a delicious herb butter.

7 Shockingly Cool Basils

Learn how to store fresh basil. continue reading below Bush-Basil (also called Spicy Globe) "The tiny leaves pack a peppery punch," says chef Chris Weber, who uses this compact herb with cur

Yes, You Can! Growing Herbs Indoors Is Easy-Peasy with These Picks

Mason Jar Minis Not sure where to start? This herb garden kit is perfect for beginners. From soil to seeds, youll be chopping basil in no time! Herb Garden Kit Price: $49.95 SHOP NOW! Shop all Her

Layering Herbs

Step 1 1. Nick stem. In late spring or early summer, select a healthy, flexible stem and gently pull it to the ground or a pot of soil set near the parent plant. Remove the foliage from the section you want to r

Herb Vinegars

What You Need: Basil and Cayenne are delicious additions to vinegar. Fresh herbs 1-quart glass jars Vinegar Paper coffee filter Use herbs to flavor butter and cheese; click here to learn how. continue readi

Herbs Where You Like Them

Today, herbs play an integral role in nearly every home garden. The favorite way of growing them continues to be in tidy little beds all their own, but more gardeners are liberating herbs from herb gardens and experime

Dividing Herbs

Step 1 1. Dig up. Divide plants in early spring or late fall when they are dormant (resting, not growing). Plants that grow in clumps, such as chives (shown), and those that increase via underground runners, suc

Choosing Edible Flowers

continue reading below Edible flowers add unexpected color and flavor to salads and other foods. Here are a few favorites to choose from: Pansies are slightly spicy. Calendulas are bland, but with the

Grow Herbs Indoors This Winter

Tips for Growing Herbs Indoors You will eat better and even save money by growing herbs indoors -- fresh ingredients for your cold-weather cooking cost next to nothing. An herb garden adds an attractive, economi

Herb Bouquets

Kitchen Bouquet Kitchen Bouquet Although you usually want to harvest basil leaves before the plants flower, the spiky blossoms make aromatic and delightful additions to arrangements. If you cut the flowers just

Regional Calendar of Herb Garden Care

Spring Start seeds early for a headstart next spring. Cool Climates About six weeks before the last frost in your area, start herb seeds indoors to get a head start on the outdoor growing season. Prepare the gard

Pots of Edible Plants

Tasty Kitchen Garden Container plantings bring color, fragrance, texture, height, and depth to a modest-size porch, deck, or balcony. Pots of herbs, vegetables, fruiting vines, and edible annuals pack even more

Edible Flowers

Although edible flowers have become common garnishes in restaurants, its important to know what youre putting into your mouth. Not all flowers are edible, and not all food purveyors are aware of the potential to

Propagating Herbs from Cuttings

Step 1 1. Snip Cuttings. Propagate cuttings from new growth in spring or early fall. Cut 3- to 4-inch stems using a sharp pruner, a knife, or shears. Make the cut at an angle just below a node (where a leaf emer

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