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Best String Trimmers

A string trimmer is an easy way to keep your lawn tidy and clean. The following article provides information about the best string trimmers available in the market.

A quality string trimmer should be capable enough to cut tough weeds and at the same time are easy to handle. They should be able to access places that are narrow for lawn mowers to reach. Low maintenance and safety of operation are some of the attributes of a best string trimmer. These grass cutting tools available in the market either have gasoline engines or electric motors.

Choosing a trimmer completely depends upon how much area you are maintaining. If your lawn is small, then you certainly don't require a high-powered gas trimmer. A light-weight electric trimmer is adequate for small lawns. Black and Decker, Craftsman, and Troy-Bilt are some of the popular brands in electric and gas trimmers.

Cordless Electric Trimmers

Among the cordless electric trimmers, the Black and Decker Grass Hog NST2018 has received good reviews. This machine has achieved the top ranking on various consumer sites and reviews. The big advantage is that it is light weight, thus not restricting your mobility. It also does not make any noise during operation. Its quiet performance gives an edge over gas models. This machine operates on 2 Nickel-cadmium batteries and comes with a telescoping shaft. The trimmer can run continuously for about 25 minutes per charge. Hence, 2 batteries are included so as to extend the operation time for about an hour. With just the push of a button, you can switch from trimming to edging. The price is around $100, which is very cheap as compared to gas trimmers. The system makes use of centrifugal force to advance the cutting line automatically when required. Although the handles are made up of plastic, they provide a firm grip to do the trimming job effectively. Yes, the machine does cut grass very efficiently, but it is not very effective in cutting tall grass.

Corded Electric Trimmers

A top-selling model in the corded electric trimmers is the Stihl FSE60, that has the capability to handle tall grass and tough weeds. Although its performance is very similar to gas trimmers, yet it is lighter. It is less polluting which is good for the environment. Customer reviews have recommended to buy this trimmer for its durability and quality. It is equipped with a 200 feet cord that provides a great deal of mobility. This trimmer has a built-in cord keeper and a hanger. It has a 14-inch cutting swath and a powerful 5.5-amp motor that helps you to plow the grass faster than other units. Low noise and wide cutting width are some of the other advantages of this trimmer.

The Troy-Bilt Electric trimmer (TB50) has also been rated as a 'best buy' in the consumer reports. It is powered by 4.5-amp motor and comes with a 15-inch cutting swatch that has dual lines. The motor does not require much maintenance and provides superior balance, making it easy to cut the grass. Its edge and twist feature allows you to perform finishing touches at ease around the lawn. However, the biggest drawback is the cord length that restricts its mobility in larger yards. Nevertheless, the owners are extremely satisfied about the overall functionality of this trimmer. Troy-Bilt TB50 is quiet during operation and does not pollute the environment.

Gas Trimmers

When it comes to cutting large areas and weeds, using the gas trimmer is the best option. These machines are extremely powerful and cut the grass within no time. They provide convenience, versatility, and take lesser time than electric models. If you are looking for a cordless trimmer but still require power to whack down tall grass, then the Craftsman 79197 gas trimmer is the way to go. This 4-stroke model is less polluting and runs more quietly than the 2-stroke models. The split shaft allows to use different attachments. But the Craftsman 79197 is heavy and weighs 20 pounds. So you will require a shoulder harness to hold the trimmer properly. The 29cc 4-cycle engine is durable and delivers more power and better performance to slice overgrown weeds and thick grass. The long shaft enables you to reach difficult areas that are inaccessible with other trimmers. This machine is also easy to start and works efficiently.

These are some of the grass mowing tools that have got the best ratings from the customers. Whichever type of string trimmer you choose, ensure that you are well-equipped with eye protection and gloves, when using these grass cutting tools.

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