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vining plants

2016/8/3 16:46:41

I have an Ivy plant( not sure on type) its a light green leaf with 8 points, i cant seem to keep it alive, i need to know what kind of climate ect. to keep it going.. I also have a plant, I do believe it is a Phylidendrem(not sure on the spelling) the leaves turn bright yellow and die, i need to know how to keep it alive, one more plant i own i dont know what it is or how to keep it alive, It is vining, the leaves are long with one point , light green and dark green vertical strips, and the back of the leaf is purple and shiny, could you please help me, I really want them to grow...thank you

Hi Charity,

Your first plant is probably a Hedera ivy and the third one may be a type of Wandering Jew. If you want to email photos of them to me at my address below, I will positively ID them for you.

All of these plants must be kept in small pots so that they are quite rootbound.

The Philodendron likes bright light, but no direct sun shining directly on its leaves. The Wandering Jew does best in direct sun. The Hedera ivy likes a few hours of direct sun.

If properly potted, allow the top half inch of soil to dry out in between waterings of the Hedera ivy and the Philodendron. Water the Wandering Jew as soon as the surface of the soil gets dry, assuming it is in direct sunlight.

None of these plants require much or any fertilizer and misting is not necessary either. Just make sure they stay rootbound, get the right light, and are watered as I described and they should do fine.

Please let me know if any of this is unclear or if you have any additional questions.

Will Creed, Interior Landscaper
Horticultural Help, NYC

You can E-mail me directly at: wcreed@HorticulturalHelp.com

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