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zucchini rot

QuestionHi, my question to you is about why my zucchini and yellow squash are rotting on the vine before they reach eatable size. They are wilting as soon as they reach about 3 to 4 inches long, What do I need to do

Flower loss Runner beans

QuestionCan you tell me why the flowers occasionaly drop off my runner beans,when this happens they appear to be severed off the stems with a straight and clear cut.I suspect this could be down to ants or other inse

cracking butternuts

QuestionMy butternut squashes are getting really big, but a few of them are cracking open. Why? Is this a problem? Can I still eat them? They still look sort of green on the outside, are they

Worms in my cherry peppers

QuestionHi mike and thanks again for all of your past advice. My garden has been an amazing success this year (my first garden ever)! My cherry pepper fruits have been turning mushy and brown on the plant and falli

mini corn cobs

QuestionWe were eating those small pickled corn cobs, and were wondering where they came from. Is it something anyone can grow? Real curious. Thanks AnswerDear Yuonne: Mainly they were imported from Taiwan and othe

Anaheim/Jalapeno Peppers

QuestionMy peppers are beautiful to look at but are bitter tasting and have no heat. There are very few seeds in the Anaheims and the seeds in the Jalapenos are a very pale green (almost white). I have g

gardening books

QuestionWhat are the top 10 garden books you would recommend for a vegetable gardener in Indiana? AnswerMy favorites in order of preference are as follows: 1. Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew 2. Lasagna Ga

tomato plant in the house

QuestionThe gardening season is just about done for this year. I was looking at my tomato plants and thought I might bring one in over the winter. It is a cherry tomato plant about 16 tall, it was a late

Preparing the garden for winter

QuestionHi Mike, All of my beautiful vegetables have now been harvested. What should I do to the land to prepare it for winter and the following growing season? (we grew tomatoes, hot and sweet peppers, eggpl

garden veges

QuestionI purchased what I thought was green bell peppers for my garden this year. To my surprise I kept harvesting black peppers with green insides.. Are these normal???? I did n

Tired of Gravel

QuestionI have a gravel parking pad out the back of my home. I have no further need of this additional parking space. It has had gravel on it for the last 24 years. In the Spring I was thinking I w

Green onions? Chives? Scallions?

QuestionWhat is the difference Between green onions and chives? I thought that they were the same thing. Please help. AnswerTroy, both onions and chives are in the same allium family, and both are used in cooking t

Jalapeno and Anehiem chillis

QuestionI have both Jalapeno and Anehiem chillis growing in pots (I also have Cayan, Siam, Asian and Habenero). The Anehiem plant has just 3 chillis on it but they are almost the size of the plant (about 26cm long.

seedling time?

QuestionHi Mike, Im sick of winter and Im itching to start my seedlings indoors again. Could you tell me when my last frost date is scheduled for, so I can calculate the perfect germination time for each type of ve

starting seedlings

QuestionI have some vintage tomato seeds Id like to get started but I dont know the when or how of it. Can they be started on a windowsill,(which would be facing west), or do I need to build a mini-greenhouse outdoo

Starting plants indoors

Question------------------------- Followup To Question - ------------------------- Followup To Question - ------------------------- Followup To Question - Hi,I live near Washington DC and plant a vegetable

Vegetable gardening

QuestionI use onion and garlic frequently in cooking. I would like to know the best way to start these vegetables in my garden. Also, do these two do well in containers? Thanks for the advice, Kathy A

Vegetable Plants

QuestionHi Mike, I am starting to grow my own vegetables in my small garden, it receives afternoon sun, but at times wind funnels through. Now, my problems are :- 1) The leaves on my squash plants are starting to ge

Growing carrots from carrot tops

Question I have cut the tops off of some carrots and trimmed the greens. I now have new grren shoots about 6 long. Right now I just have them sitting in water but what is next. I would like to grow

Is it time yet?!?

QuestionHi, I was just wondering if it was too early to start thinking about planting my vegetable garden. I will plant the usuals. I live in Denver Colorado. AnswerJamie, not knowing how severe your wi

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