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I live in mid-Alabama and...

QuestionI live in mid-Alabama and it is the middle of July. Is it too late to start asters, dianthus (chedder pink), and pansies for fall blooming? Is it true that pansies seed propagation should be in c

starting from seeds

QuestionI just bid on several auctions for seeds. If I win, I will have 1,000s. I started some seeds this summer outside, but would like to get started on growing these new seeds this Spring inside. I might possible be a


QuestionCan you please tell me how to start an angel trumpet from seed or cuttings, also I have a brugmansia growing but the leaves are truning sploched with yellow, is this a virius and how can I stop it. AnswerHi

Saving Squash Seeds

QuestionI am still a novice to vegatable gardening, have had several victory gardens, as my children grew up, but always used plants. I have never tried using seeds, but I am more then curious, especially wh

Planting from Seeds

QuestionHello Tom - I need some help with maximizing my flower garden - I have a good showing of purple and white coneflowers - echinechia - last year I harvested the dried seeds from the center ball and planted th

Eggplant not fruiting

QuestionHi Mike, My eggplant is about 2.5 months old. It was purchase at the local garden shop and after just 4 week produced a beautiful large eggplant (the round type). Ever since then the plant has been g

Japanese Maple trees

QuestionDear Mike, I have collected some seeds from an Acer tree growing in an ornamental garden in the UK. I also have a couple of small Acers in pots that were purchased and one of these has produced some seeds.


QuestionHi Mike I have been collecting Delphinium seeds from my plants. I am storing them in a paper envelope as of now. Should I put them in a plastic baggie and store in the frig.? and When can I begin planting th

how to grow mexican jumping beans?

QuestionI would like to know how to grow mexican jumping beans indoors? I live in Canada. Any idea about this? Thank you AnswerHi Marlaine, Thanx for your question. Mexican jumping beans are the seeds of a p

Bulbs vs. seeds

QuestionQuestion from 3rd grade science book... If a plant grows from a bulb, does it still have seeds? Several areas of the book semed to contradict by saying that a bulb is part of the stem. Also, my bette

making a tree from an apple seed?????/

QuestionI am hoping you can settle a heated debate in my home on apple seeds. My question is can you take the seeds from any store baught apple and get it to germinate to make a sappling? Or does it requier a specia

rose propogation

QuestionI have a rose bush that once grew in my fathers garden and I am interested in finding out more information about how to reproduce other plants. Thank you! Sarah AnswerSarah, the easiest method for pro

rain tree

QuestionI can get a cutting from a rain tree, so I need to know just where to make the cut and how do I get it to grow a root so I can plant it? Or, is this not an acceptable method of getting a rain tree? Ma

planting in late fall/winter

QuestionI live in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Im replacing an area of grass in front of my home with landscaping. My area doesnt get much severe weather in the winter. Im planning to plant hea


QuestionWhen is the appropriate time of year to cut prunings from azeleas for rooting in pots? AnswerHi Rob, Thanx for your question. Wait to take new growth cuttings after the shrubs have completed their blo

which seeds would you pick

Questionhello Mike sorry I called you Tom in the last Q. Out of my 17 species Im gona start which would you put in the peat pots & pellets? 1.poppy(MECONOPSIS BETONICFOLIA) 2.aquilegia(SWEET RAINBOW) 3.red poppy 4.c


QuestionI have started propergation of chillies from seeds. (Taken from green chillies themselves) The problem I am facing is that the stems are very thin and long with two leaves at the top. Ihave picked out


QuestionWhat should the distance be from 65 watt incandescent gro lite to just sprouted seedling of herbs? AnswerHi Marvin, Flourescent lights are better and cheaper in my opinion. Ive been using them for yea

Pinching out

QuestionI have read that by pinching out you get a better plant ( annuals/half hardy annuals ) but I have not read if it is ok to do this to all young plants. Are there any rules to follow ? Thanks AnswerJohn, pinc


QuestionWould like to grow yarrow at my seaside cottage in Maine this summer. Where can I obtain seeds and how and when do I get started? Thanks AnswerHi Ed, Thanx for your question. Yarrow is known bot

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