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foxtail palm frond curling

2016/8/3 17:10:38

QUESTION: We have at least 7 foxtail palms that are very healthy. We are having an issue with one foxtail that the fronds are curling and turning brown a few weeks after they are out. Also, the trunk is much rougher than the other healthy trees. Please help, the trees are about 9 years old

ANSWER: Hi Bryon, without an image it is tough, but it sounds like a nutritional problem; browning tips and then the entire frond and stunting of said fronds usually means the crown isn't getting the nutrition it needs. If you have fertilized (and correctly) then spray the entire crown in the morning (when the fronds are wet with dew)..with a "Palm nutritional spray" (Home Depot has it)...with the fronds being wet from the dew, the pores (Stomata) of the fronds will be taking in moisture along with the nutritional spray you put on them, and the nutrition will go directly into the Palm for distribution to the entire Palm...One other thing to check, at the bottom of the Palm, look to see if there is a mushroom type growth sticking out,,this is a disease that is deadly and incurable, if it is there, the Palm needs to be removed immediatly so the others don't get infected.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

fox tail
fox tail
QUESTION: Thank you, i'll try it and let you know. Attached is a pic

,,,,has anything gotten into the soil at the base?...this could be the culprit also; check the area around the Palm for evidence of that or the trunk itself...it is tissue, not bark like a tree, and anything that cuts into it or is "nailed" into it will damage it severely also.

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