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Botanic Garden > Question and Answer > Plant Species > Perennials > Blue Star Junipers not healthy after winter

Blue Star Junipers not healthy after winter

2016/8/3 18:12:17


I have what I believe are two Blue Star Junipers planted in my landscaping
about 4 or 5 feet from each other. They were doing quite well for the first
five years we had them planted, but coming out of this winter (we live in
central NJ), one of them never really perked back up and stayed with a
considerable amount of brown (about 1/2 brown, 1/2 blue). Now, the other
one, after starting strong after winter, is starting to show a little brown and
yellowing in its middle section. I have photos of both, if that would help.

Do you know what might cause this, and is there something I can do to help
saves these two plants?


Hi Mike,
Thanx for your question. It sounds to me like juniper twig blight. Here is a link to the University of Kentucky Extension Service. It has some good information on this fungal disease and how to treat it. I hope it helps. If this isn't it, let me know and I'll look further.


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