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How to Cut Fresh Thyme

2016/8/8 11:32:42
Cut fresh thyme whenever you need it for cooking.


Growing a fresh thyme plant outside in a garden or inside in a pot will provide a tasty herb for seasoning recipes whenever needed. Thyme grows easily and once it is flush with green leaves you can feel free to clip off the thyme you need for cooking. The plant will regenerate itself quickly for the next time you need thyme. You may even want to clip a few stems at a time, tie them together and hang them upside for a day or two to dry.

Step 1

Pull a thyme stem gently up and away from the plant and cut several inches from the end of the stem. Repeat with several other stems to provide several teaspoons of fresh thyme for a recipe.

Step 2

Hold the freshly cut thyme stems and clip the leaves from the stems. A few stems in with the leaves are fine, but try to remove at least some of the stems.

Step 3

Cut several longer stems (approximately 4 to 5 inches long) and tie the cut ends together tightly. Hang the stems upside down in a dry area out of sunlight for several days until they are dried. Place the dried thyme in a sealed plastic bag to store.

Step 4

Trim a thyme plant down to approximately two inches above the ground at the end of the growing season to harvest the thyme plant completely.

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