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Garden Tech: 10 Essential Flower Apps to ID Plants and Leaves

Flower apps and plant ID tools keep getting better. Are you an amateur botanist, a hiker confronted by an unfamiliar tree on a trail, or a gardener who snaps a photo of a mystery plant you’d like to grow? There’s an app

The Gardenista 100: Best Elevated Planter Boxes

Garden in a box. To kick off our new Gardenista 100 guide to the hundred best garden and outdoor products for 2015, we’ve rounded up our favorite elevated box planters.An elevated planter box is a solution for both big a

The Gardenista 100: Best Hand Tools

Buy a good hand tool and it will last a lifetime (Exhibit A: Michelle’s 25-year-old Felco pruners). For the second installment of our Gardenista 100 guide to the hundred best outdoor and garden products of 2015, we’

Gardenista on Flipboard: See Our New Magazines

Do you ever wish you could flip through Gardenista as if it were a glossy paper magazine?We’ve pulled together some of our favorite stories into curated collections on Flipboard. If you don’t have a mobile device, Garden

Garden Basics: World’s Best Collapsible Wagon

Some people crave jewelry. I crossed off my wish-list “diamonds” and wrote in “utility cart” after I saw this beautiful, well-made wagon from Belgium.From garden accessories designer Atelier Tradewinds comes a

Shopper's Diary: Garden Objects in New Zealand

We've long admired New Zealand-based designer Katie Lockhart's carefully curated home accessories shop Everyday Needs, so we were happy to hear that her brother Jared has launched Garden Objects, a new o

10 Easy Pieces: Retractable Garden Hoses

My bias against As-Seen-On-TV miracle products kept me from paying much attention to a new generation of lightweight, kink-free garden hoses that stretch and shrink like rubber bands. Until I saw one in action in the gar

Dirty Secrets: 10 Ways to Improve Garden Soil

I'm a soil scientist and a former faculty instructor for Oregon State University's Extension program, where I've taught and consulted with farmers and gardeners. My own half-acre garden in southern Oreg

Alexa's Library: 9 Favorite Classic Garden Books

While I'm always on the lookout for the latest small-space garden book (a very appealing topic to me of late), my best reads are usually unearthed at a used bookstore, with their covers worn out and sun faded.

Mobile Me: A Landscape Design App That Gets Personal

The problem with many landscape design apps is they really are not interested in your garden. Instead, they expect outdoor spaces to conform to their idea of what a garden should be: a perfect, empty rectangle of land wi

20 Under $20: Best Summer Garden Tools and Accessories

It's June so of course you want to be outdoors: It's a chemical thing. Resistance is futile. Get out there and dig, or plant some flowers, or putter around labeling the basil. And take one of these 20 best su

Gardening 101: How to Prune Roses

Mrs. Hart was my next-door neighbor on Long Island. She was what we called "an original owner," having moved into her brand-new house in a brand-new subdivision in the post-war exuberance of the 1940s. In the

Landscaping 101: A Garden Arsenal to Fight Weeds

Call me old-fashioned, but in the war of the weeds, I prefer hand-to-hand combat over chemical warfare. In my experience pulling up weeds by hand or trowel is not only more effective at getting rid of them for good, it a

Best Tools: 10 Favorite Garden Forks

In the garden, long-handled forks bear great responsibility: It's their job to break up compacted soil, spread a layer of straw mulch around the roots of the roses, and aerate the compost. Buy a high-quality tool t

10 Easy Pieces: Wheelbarrows

When an artful Sussex trug made of ash wood strips is not big enough for the job, bring in the wheelbarrow. To transport potted plants, debris, gravel, and more, the trusted wheelbarrow is a utilitarian basic. On the spe

10 Easy Pieces: Rain Barrels

Rain barrels may not be the most glamorous of garden tools but with water shortages on the rise, they have quickly become a crucial component of the smart, sustainable garden. After you set up a system, it does the work

Origami Seed Kit: The Gentle Art of Sprouting Salad

Swedish design studio Tomorrow Machine and Berlin-based farming incubator Infarm have teamed up to create a miniature greenhouse that folds like origami: Above: The Microgreen Indoor Garden Kit is $26 from Dwell. Above

10 Easy Pieces: Leaf and Garden Rakes

When it comes to garden rakes, we're biased. We look for rakes that are built to last. That might require a larger up-front investment, but it pays off in performance (and, we think, in the long term cost). And, no

10 Easy Pieces: Bulb Planters

Squirrels make it look so easy. But digging a deep narrow hole to plant bulbs can be a challenge. Make the job easier this fall with a bulb planter. Here are ten of our favorites: bulb planter by petits details l Gardeni

How to Navigate the NYC Flower Market

Does the thought of a trip to the flower market make your palms sweat? Maybe I'm projecting, but I think big city flower markets can be unnerving for most people: The crowds. The hustle. The options. The first few

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