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follow up to bougainvillea propagation

Mike I thank you for your prompt response.  I tried to send a follow up but I think I sent the original question again.  Here is my follow up.
By rooting compound is Green Light Root Stimulator and Starter solution what I am looking for?  If not what is the proper product?  I did two over the weekend just as you instructed with the green light and the plastic covering one seems to be doing quite well and the other seems to be very wilted is this normal?

Daniel, there are numerous products on the market today. Green Light makes a very good rooting compound that should work just fine for your bougainvillea cuttings.

Many breeders are now using gels instead of powders. They claim that they cling better and longer to the stem and also help ward off fungal diseases. This is probably what occurred with the cutting that wilted. I would just discard that cutting and start a new one in a sterilized pot with fresh potting soil.

Attached is a link that will give you more information on the gels.


Best of luck.


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