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Dying tree?

Dear Jim,

About 3 months ago, we dug a large hole for a pool near a 20-25 foot pine tree. We cut into the roots on one side in order to put up a retaining wall. The tree has turned brown at the top and is slowly but surely moving down the tree. Is this tree dying? Is there something we can do to save it?. On one side the tree is about 25 % brown. on the other it is closer to 60%.

I look forward to your advice.


Yes I would say the tree is dying. If the tree is as you described, it sounds like it is not going to make it. You counld wait until next spring and see if it will survive but in the mean time I would make plans to take it down.  I would suggest if you are in the U.S. you contact your local State Forestry Agency and ask one of their Forsters to come check it on the ground. This is a free service.  Sorry!  

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