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Magnolia tree dying

Magnolia tree planted 10 mos. ago. So. Cal. Sandy soil. Other mags have done nicely in this soil.  This tree thrived ( dark green and growing well) until recently noticed that it appears to be dying from the top downward.  Top leaves brown and appear dead. Lower leaves losing their dark green color. Watered automatically for four min. three times a week. Escallonia and Lavender located within five feet doing very well.
Thank you

Examine the lower trunk for any loose/damaged bark. If present, this may indicate physical injury and subsequent decline. Anything been sprayed on tree or any excavation that may interfere w/roots? Try scratching some of the bark off of a few small places on bare twigs with your fingernail. Look for green beneath. If present, the tree may recover and leaf loss may be termporary.


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