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Deodar Cedar – Dying

Q: I have two large Cedar Deodora’s, planted around three years ago. They were probably ten feet tall when I planted them. They are located behind a large pond and are used as a “backdrop” for the pond.

They are approximately 30′ apart. Both trees are now approximately 20′ tall. One of the trees is beautiful but the other one has slowly turned yellow (all of the needles) and they are dropping from the tree.

I had a lawn company come out and one of their tree men said the tree had root rot and there was nothing I could do to prevent it from dying.

I know that I don’t have much time to do something because the needles are falling daily. I need any advice you can give me.

A: On my Dad’s chicken farm, we had only two kinds of hens: alive and dead.

You rarely saw a sick chicken because they went from happy clucking to stone cold stillness in just a few hours.

Yellowing throughout the tree indicates a root or lower stem problem. If the sick deodar is planted where the root system stays wet all of the time that would explain the problem: they don’t care for wet feet.

Sadly, I don’t hold much hope for your tree. I think it has uttered its last “cluck”.

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