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New Bradford Pear tree dying?

I recently purchased 2 Bradford Pear Tree's. They are still in their plastic 20 gal. containers. When I purchased them the leaves were all green and within a 4 days they have changed color.The leaves on the them are turning brown, yellow and red. I am concerned the tree's are stressed and possibly dying. Can you give me some advice on how to save them ? Thank you

Leaf browning may be due to root related stress.  This can be, among other things lack of or too much water. Be sure to keep it watered adequately while in the pot. Allow water to drain through the pot, then let it dry down a bit.  It also may be root bound- that is the roots have filled up the space in the pot and are getting stressed. Using your fingernail, scratch a few of the smaller twigs and look for green beneath.  If present, these twigs may get new leaves.  Don't forget, we are approaching winter and the leaves will be changing to purple and red normally as well, then dropping for the winter.  Just be sure it is getting enough moisture.

In my part of the world, these trees is VERY common and they are also quite susceptible to a bacterial disease called Fire Blight.


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