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Using Organic Worm Castings: How To Harvest Worm Castings For Your Garden

Adding worm castings manure to the soil aerates and improves its overall structure while providing beneficial nutrients to plants. They are also effective for repelling many

Problems With Vermicomposting: How To Deal With Vermicompost Issues

Vermicomposting is the practice of using red worms to help break down food waste. The worms may be housed in a cardboard box, plastic bin or wooden structure. The worms need

Earthworms In Soil: Learn About The Benefits Of Garden Worms

Worms play an important part in soil construction and recycling of organic waste. They are a part of a network of organisms that turn refuse into nutrient rich soil. These nu

Worm Composting Bins – Learn How To Make Your Own Worm Bins

Worm composting is an easy way to reduce landfill pollution and provide juicy, rich soil for your plants. It is especially suited for the apartment or condo dweller who has l

Cold Climate Vermiculture: Learn About The Care Of Worms In Winter

Almost every gardener is familiar with basic composting, where you pile various types of refuse in a heap and microbes break it down into a useable soil amendment. Compost is

Hot Climate Vermiculture: Caring For Worms In Hot Weather

Worms are happiest when the temperature is about between 55 and 80 degrees F. (12 to 26 C.). Colder weather can kill worms off by freezing, but they are in just as much dange

Vermiculture Worm Death: Reasons For Worms Dying In Vermicompost

Composting worms can be helpful allies in the war on trash, but until you get the hang of vermiculture, worm death may complicate your efforts. Worms are generally pretty tou

Vermicomposting Do's And Don'ts: Care And Feeding Of Worms

Vermicomposting is an environmentally friendly way of reducing food scrap waste with the added boon of creating nutritious, rich compost for the garden. One pound of worms (a

Vermiculture Pest Control: Reasons For Insect Pests In Worm Bins

Your worm bin is teeming with life and things are going really well for your vermicomposting project — that is, until you notice uninvited creatures crawling around in

Bad Vermiculture Odor: What to Do For Rotten Smelling Worm Bins

Vermicomposting is a great way to use up kitchen scraps without the hassle of a traditional compost pile. When your worms eat your garbage, though, things can go wrong until

Worms And Vermicomposting: Best Types Of Worms For Vermicomposting

Vermicomposting is a quick, efficient way to convert kitchen scraps into a rich soil amendment using earthworms. Vermicompost worms break down organic matter, such as kitchen

Vermicomposting Pests: Preventing Fruit Flies In Worm Bins

Worm bins are one of the best gifts any gardener can give themselves, even though they require a fair amount of attention. When worms eat your garbage and turn it into incred

Worm Bin Escape: Preventing Worms From Escaping Vermicompost

Vermicompost (worm compost) is an interesting project, and if things go as planned, the finished product is a nutrient-rich, all-natural fertilizer that will do wonders for y

Worm Casting Tea Recipe: Learn How To Make A Worm Casting Tea

Vermicomposting is the creation of nutritious compost using worms. It’s easy (the worms do most of the work) and extremely good for your plants. The resulting compost is ofte

Kitchen Vermiculture: Learn About Under Sink Composting With Worms

Composting and the reduction of waste is a sensible way to help the environment and keep landfills free of excess organic waste. Kitchen vermiculture allows you to create a n

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