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How Do I Take Care of the Plant Called Woolly Thyme?

2016/8/8 11:32:42


Woolly thyme (Thymus pseudolanuginosus), also called woolly creeping thyme, grows to just 3 inches tall and has soft, woolly leaves. Spreading rapidly, this creeping thyme is usually planted as an ornamental plant rather than as an herb. Woolly thyme makes a nice creeping groundcover to fill in bare spots between stepping stones or pavers, or for cascading over borders and retaining walls. Woolly thyme is still edible and can flavor dishes just like other thyme species, but it's best grown outdoors where it can spread across the ground.

Step 1

Grow woolly thyme in a bright, sunny area that receives full, direct sunlight and has well-draining, slightly sandy soil. Woolly thyme likes to stay dry, so don't plant it in a soggy or shaded area.

Step 2

Water the woolly thyme lightly to barely moisten the soil only during prolonged dry spells or droughts.

Step 3

Remove weeds from around the plant at least once every two weeks. You can pull the weeds by hand or hoe them shallowly.

Step 4

Spray the woolly thyme's foliage with compost tea about two or three times during the spring and summer. Fertilizing the woolly thyme isn't necessary.

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