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Peacock Plant

With its somewhat tropical origins, The Peacock Plant is a tall, slender plant that with the right care can become a colorful house plant for your collection. Due to its

Parlor Palm

Easy to grow: Parlor palm trees are quite an easy plant to grow and care for, which makes them suitable for those new to growing indoors. They to

Mexican Fortune or Braided Money Tree

In South America and other warm climates the pachira is grown for its edible nuts, in east Asia for good fortune, and in Europe and the US for their attract

Delta Maidenhair Fern

The reason the Adiantum raddianum is most suited for growing in a terrarium or within a conservatory is because it thrives in high humidity conditions that are difficult to

Madagascar Dragon Tree Tough and Easy

The Dracaena marginata is a species from a large plant genus (Dracaena) that has many variations in leaf sizes, lea

Hawaiian Tī Plant

Although this plant has the common name of Hawaiian ti, its not native to Hawaii. However, the people of Hawaii have found many uses for this plant inclu

European Fan Palm

Displaying: Once the European fan matures it sits well as a centerpiece within a large room or conservatory. Because it grows with a wide s

Amazon Elephants Ear

The elephants ear is a hybrid that has become a fairly popular ornamental house plant, and is one of the easiest to find and buy from the Alocasia genus. Different shades of green and yellow appear through the leaves whe

Dumb Cane Plant

Dieffenbachia amoena is a very popular house plant due to its easy going nature. Plants that receive too little light or too little water will simply

Codiaeum Variegatum - Variegated Croton

Grown in its natural habitat and outdoors this evergreen shrub can grow up to 3 metres tall, so in gardens they look great planted around border

Cretan Brake Fern

The variety of Pteris cretica ferns that are cultivated display different shaped and colored fronds, but share very similar characteristics and care requirements. The P.cret

Areca Palm

The areca is known as a cane type palm because of the bamboo cane looking stems once its matured. Theyre also very similar to the feather types (especially the ke

Winter Cherry Flowers for Summer and Berries at Christmas

Theres only a small amount species from the Solanum genus, which have slight differences. For this article I will name the winter cherry as the S. capsicastrum and the Jer

Urn Plant

The urn plant also has the common name of silver vase and is the most popular bromeliad from the Aechmea genus for growing and displaying indoors. The common names derive f

Flaming Sword Bromeliad

The flaming sword bromeliad is a flowering plant which belongs to the vriesea genus and bromeliaceae family. Like other bromeliads this species has a rosett

Flamingo Flower Plantwaxy and wonderful

Different species: The A scherzerianum is one of many species from the Anthurium genus (there are many more). Some people are mistaken when they state the

Eternal Flame Plant

This species loves heat and humidity, but dislikes direct sunlight. Keeping it in your garden in temperate regions is not a good idea and it will require less work if

Florist Cyclamen

Buying: A quick mention on the buying front. If you are able to buy a plant during fall with some buds unopened your likely to enjoy these delightful plants for longer.

Corsage Orchid

This attractive species is native to Central and South America. It likes warm temperatures and medium light. At home it will be best

Coral Berry Blooms for The Summer and Berries at Christmas

The coral berry is a shrub that grows with a single stem or possibly multiple stems - displaying branches of leathery oval shaped leaves, which can be gr

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