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giant redwoods

My husband and I purchased a giant redwood tree at home depot and I planted it along our fence and by our hot tub, was this a bad idea?  Does it have sap, and will it grow too big for this area?  Does the name tell me my answer? Any help would be greatly appreciated and if we do have to move it, should this be done in the fall? Thanks so much.

Even though a redwood is an awesome tree, Sequoia sempervirens is NOT a good choice for a suburban lot if you wish to remain a good neighbor. Even in average soil it will quickly overwhelm the surrounding area. After growing an extensive root system, a juvenile tree will generally add five or six feet to its height each year. It is easily capable of reaching a height of 120 to 150 feet during a person's lifetime if the site is good for the tree.

The year-round heavy shade will not allow grass to grow and landscaping will be limited to shade-loving plants such as ferns. Redwoods control the growth of other plants around them by 'bombing' them -- dropping chunks of wood and branches on competing plants. The area around a mature redwood resembles a war zone. It is not possible to leave the paths in the redwood parks without having to clamber over the mess on the ground. The redwood is also a messy tree, dropping a third of its branchlets each year as it renews them, clogging gutters and drains.

Its roots are very efficient at removing nutrients from your and your neighbor's soil. They are shallow and extend many feet from the tree, damaging foundations, driveways and cracking water and drain pipes. Many years after removal, the existing roots will continue to send up sprouts in your and your neighbor's landscaping.

I would plant it in the furthest spot away from area you might want to spend time in out of doors. It is messy and not a good tree for the small yard.

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