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Arborvitae Green Giant

I live in NE GA and last spring had 9 Green Giants planted along property line.  They are gowing fine, about 12'-15' now, and new growth on ends of limbs.  However, just recently 3 of them are displaying brown needles starting from the trunk  then outward, mostly near the tops.  They are each next to each other.  We are desperate to keep them alive, very expensive to have planted at that size.  Any ideas??

It would be best if someone could examine a physical sample.  Sometimes interior leaves get shaded out and become brown.  This is common, but just to be on the safe side, consider contacting the Cooperative Extension Service office in your county to talk to the horticulture agent on staff.  They may be able to come out and visit your tree or help you arrange to bring in a small twig with brown leaves to their office so they can examine it under some magnification to rule out any insects or diseases.  Georgia has a very nice diagnostic facility that operated with the Extension service.  This process is usually free.  The office is usually in the county courthouse building.  You can also carry an affected twig by your local nursery/garden center.  Sometimes they can help also.


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