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Giant Green Arborvitae/Mosquitos

I read a post where someone asked about mosquito's in Giant green Arborvitae's.  We have noticed swarms of them all around ours too and I'm sure I don't have a metabolic issue, my husband noticed it too.  What can we spray on them? Is it just a coincidence or are the trees actually attracting mosquito's?


I have never heard of any relationship between Mosquito's and Arborvitae.  However I believe you 100%.  The climate is definetly changing and so are our weather patterns.  There are new pests popping up every day.  I would like to tell you to spray mosquito repellant on your tree but that would cost a fortune as you would constantly need to re-apply it.  You can get a insecticide from Lowes or Home Depot with perithrin in it and spray away but that is poison and toxic and I hate recommending anything that is toxic to anyone.  

There is a new product on the market called Atomic Grow sold by Crowley's Nursery in Sarasota Florida.  It is non-toxic and when sprayed on your tree it wil act as a repellant and make your tree grow at the same time.  Insects hate it.  I would recommend a total drenching.  It is non-selective and can be used on all of your other plants as well.


Good Luck
Iam confident this will solve your problems.


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