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Green Giant Arborvitae Insects/Diseases

I have a row of green giants arborvitaes planted.  All are fine except one.  This five year old tree has not recovered from the winter "browning" and several branches seem to be yellowing and many others seem to be stiffening. Some interior leaves are still soft and green though. Recently I looked at the bark of the tree and noticed several 3-4" narrow cracks in the bark with oozing sap. There were some bagworms/leafminer bags attached to a few branches that I cut off a month ago. Three weeks ago I applied systemic insect killer and fungicide as well as small fertilizer spikes at the base but I am at a loss as to how to save this tree.  

Hello Kevin

I feel your pain about your Green Giant Arborvitae tree.  

These species are usually very pest resistant and very hardy.  It seem your tree has an infestation of some kind and is pulling its growth back to fight these intruders.  

Pesticides and insecticides will kill the worms and insects but they will do nothing for the tree and its defense mechanism.  Also will not enable the tree to repair itself in these very stressfull times.

There is a new product on the market called Atomic Grow (www.atomicgrow.com).  It has done wonders in FLorida for crops and literally bringing a sick tree right back to life and enabling the tree or plant to repair itself and fight the insects within it.  As your tree is probably very tall you will not be able to apply this liquid to the whole tree.  So I would recommed applying it to the bottom 2/3rds of the tree, as it translocates systemically like water, it will literally go through your tree and repair and replenish along the way flushing out all unwanted quests.  This product works in a different way than others and is a new theory on plant health.

It is certainly cheaper than buying a new one and waiting for it to mature.

Good luck


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