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green giant Pyramidal arborvitae

I have 2-1/2 acres of land...The yard is fenced with 4 foot chainlink fence....I'd like to put green giant down both sides of my back yard...It says they grow 3 feet a year, 50 feet tall with a 10 foot spread.. How far apart should I put them so that they just touch when they reach a 10 foot spread? I also plan to put one in front between each two plants....  So in a V shape....I'm using it more or less as a natural privacy fence.. I thought 10 feet apart but was worried I might not be right on that... Or do you know of a better plant for a privacy fence? I'm in zone 4....I want something green all year round....Thank you

The evergreen family of Arborvitae is a great choice. They grow taller than wider if you know what I mean. You may want something that will create a "wall" faster or denser.Still, the Arborvitaes are a great choice.
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