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Hi Laura,

I am wondering where I need to plant my narcissus that I rec'd as a gift. Does it like sun, shade, part sun/shade...what?  Thanks, Heather

Narcissus is the same as a Daffodil. They are spring blooming bulbs that are usually planted in the fall. So wait until the green blades all turn yellow or brown and lose most of their green color.This will occur after the blooms have long dried up(as long as 1 month sometimes). When they lose their green color dig them up making sure not to slice into the bulb itself. But yours are already in pots probably so all you willneed to do is cut off all brown foliage,shake off soil aropund the bulbs and store them in a dry cool place on newspaper or sawduxst or anything dry.They will dry out and then you can plant them in the fall.
Here is a few links for you for further info:


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