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I have mint taking over my garden.  Is there a plant that is allelopathic to various mints.

Dear Gerry, I assume you are looking for a plant that will take over the areas that the mint has invaded and replace it.  Unfortunately, mint is one of those ultimate invaders that will crowd out other plants, and once it gets a good hold you can't plant something that will replace it.  If you truly want to get rid of it, you may have to spray with roundup, but be sure not to use it in an area that has edible plants in it.  Otherwise you may just have to dig it out by hand.  This is very tedious, but it really isn't a bad way to go, and a good use for the mint you dig out is to plant it under large shade trees.  It will grow beautifully in places that grass won't grow, and it will be a sweet smelling carpet under a large tree.  Sorry there isn't a plant replacement for you, but I hope this information helps.  Melissa

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