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I have a lemon plant. Its leaves have started falling and its stem is drying from its upper end.The color of the brown.The plant is not placed in sunlight whereas an indirect sunlight reaches to it for about half an hour. i live in Lahore A CITY OF PAKISTAN.I will be very thankful to you of you ans me. thanks

Dear M.Atif Raza, The lemon plant will need much more sunlight than it is getting now.  You will have to grow it outside or under a very bright grow lamp.  Also, be sure when watering to water the plant very well, then remove any water left over in the tray underneath the plant, if there is one.  I wish I could be more helpful, but lemon trees need a lot of light.  The good news is that if you have gotten this plant recently, you may be able to save it.  Take it outside, water it well, and then prune off any dead areas and it should grow new leaves within a few weeks.  Good luck and write back if you need more help.  Melissa

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