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Green Peppers/Radishes

I have heard of fertilizing green peppers with match sticks Coal ash and with straight Metrical Grow. What is the best method to use. I have a raised bed garden and have used compost in it and have added Oxen manure to it. The PH is almost on the money.   
I can not seam to get them to grow. I have long stems and long root but they will not go into a bulb. I space them 1 to 1 1/2" apart. What am I doing wrong?

I don't know what match sticks would possibly do for peppers. Coal ash is toxic. Do you mean Miracle Gro? It is a fertilizer, but I personally don't recommend it for vegetables. The manure you added may be sufficient, but you should have added bone meal or some other form of phosphorus as well.

As for the radishes, I'm not sure if I am understanding your description. You don't mention the leaves, is there a lot of leafy growth? Radishes are not a bulb, they are a root. Maybe you can describe what you are seeing a little better. Also, when did you put out the seed? Do you know what variety of radish it is?


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