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brown spots on my green peppers

I first started my plants in pots. I have good new potting soil, good leaves and lots of pepper starts. The ones that I have growing have soft, brown spots on the bottom of the pepper.
My tomatoes have small pit spots like a worm or insect.
I have transferred these tomato plants to in ground with good soil. They lost some leaves when I transplanted them. they still have tomatoes but they are much smaller now. No new leaves or blooms.
Am I watering to much? I usually water every evening. Also I need to tell you I live in SW Florida. It is very hot and humid here.
I think I have two problems. One the green peppers and two the tomatoes.
Please tell me what to do?

Hi Donna,

The soft brown spots on the bottoms of your peppers sound like a classic case of blossom-end rot. Blossom end rot is caused by calcium deficiency, which could be due to one of two problems: either the soil is lacking in calcium, or the plants aren't able to absorb enough calcium through their roots from the soil. Usually, blossom-end rot is due more to improper watering practices than soil deficiency. Evenly-moist soil is what peppers thrive on. You may be watering too often---try cutting back on watering your peppers, maybe just to every other day.

The tomato problem sounds like it could be tomato fruitworm, but I can't be sure of that without more info. Such as, is it only attacking green fruit and not eating the foliage? If so, it is probably fruitworm. Is the pest attacking the foliage as well? If so, it's most likely tomato hornworm. In either case, the best method for control is hand picking. Both worms are masters of disguise, blending in closely with the color of the tomatoes. You can Google "tomato fruitworm" or "tomato hornworm" to see photos of the pests. If hand-picking isn't an option, you can try applying Bacillus thuringiensis, or BT, which is a biological control for both fruitworms and hornworms. You can find it in most nurseries and garden centers under a few different brand names.

I hope that helps! Thanks for the question.

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