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2016/8/3 18:18:49

Hi Tom,

I have had a Akebia Quinata for 3 seasons it is quite huge very healthy looking is supposed to flower from may to june but at the begining og may it had 2 small flowers on the whole thing and that was it ? i live in Iford Essex England.

thanking you carol

Hi Carol,
Thanx for your question. I have an akebia in my backyard too and it has yet to flower after 5 years. I live in the central midwest of the U.S. where we have cold winters and blistering, hot summers, mild autumns and springs. According to some references I looked at in the U.K., the plant is supposed to bloom from March to April in the U.K. but you are in the South of England so maybe a May bloom isn't unusual. You might want to try some fertilizer for flowering plants following the directions on the package. Because you had a few blooms this indicates to me the plant may not be fully mature and may need another season to develop more blooms. I wouldn't prune it back much and I would wait and see what happens next year. If it doesn't bloom much again, consult your local nursery or your Agriculture ministry should have a public outreach service for horticulture and gardening. I hope this helps.

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