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Flowers and arrangements

2016/8/4 9:48:33

I would like to plant flowers in a nice arrangement but don't know which ones to plant now that would go together and grow by the summer. Can you offer some advice as well as a site that I could go to to see some flower arrangements.

Thank you.

Dear Cheryl
I am based in the United Kingdom, so its little hard for me to know what to suggest or where to go.
If the plants are to go outside for the summer, you are looking at annual bedding plants, things like begonias, petunias, lobelia, fuchsias. These will all grow together for the summer period.
Have you a Garden Centre near you. In England we have many and they often have displays ready to buy or all the plants you need to make your own. That's where I would start if I were you or maybe buy a Gardening Magazine, they'll advise you on how, where and when.

Good luck


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