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Hydrangea – Damage Nearby Pipes

Q: I recently planted a hydrangea bush next to my house. When I was digging the hole I found a gas pipe and an irrigation pipe directly underneath. Do I need to worry about the roots damaging these lines as the h

Paperwhite Narcissus – Bloom Again?

Q: I received paperwhite narcissus bulbs for Christmas and they have finished blooming. My question is, if I plant them outdoors, when will they bloom again? A: They will not bloom this spring, certainly, beca

Red Hot Poker – Identification

Q: My Mother calls the flower I'm sending you "Bread and Butter". She could not remember the actual name so I researched it on the Internet and found that gladiolus are referred to as ‘Br

Rabbits – Repelled with Milorganite

Q: On your radio show a caller asked for something to discourage rabbits from munching on their garden. Milorganite seems to work for me. Each spring, rabbits would make a meal out of the new, tender blades of m

Milkweed Bugs

Q: Last evening I noticed my Mexican butterfly flower's seed pods were covered up in these little orange bugs that I have not seen before. They are orange with two black spots on their backs about where th

Japanese Beetles – Organic Repellent?

Q: I contacted you regarding the use of various flowers, herbs, and horticultural oil as a mixture to get rid of Japanese Beetles. You wanted me to let you know how it worked. I steeped (like tea) Convolvulus l

Tomato Hornworm – Droppings

Q: My wife has a couple of tomato plants. This evening she noticed some "things" on a leaf of the plant. Could you please take a look and give us any information you might have about them? A: Somewh

Shining Flea Beetle

Q: I found the identity of this critter in a garden forum but I have not been able to find out if it is a friend or foe. About 10 of them were on my chaste tree, Vitex agnus-castus. A: I found some other refer

Hornet Nest – Huge

Q: We have a bass lake and "cook-house" that is about 300 yards from our house in Lafayette, Alabama. We have just noticed this hornet nest, about 2-3 feet in diameter.Do any of you know how to get ri

Aspartame – As Ant Poison

Q: Do you know anything about the Internet rumor that says aspartame artificial sweetner kills ants? A: Yes I do….and I consider it false. It's funny that the email right before yours was from a guy a

Ivy – Removing from Brick

Q: We recently purchased a house that has a hideous overgrowth of ivy on the brick walls and siding. How can I properly remove the ivy without damaging the restored masonry underneath? A: Allowing ivy to grow on

Crapemyrtle – Sprouts in Lawn

Q: Last year I had a very old crepe myrtle tree removed. The stump was removed but now the plant is coming up everywhere. Many of these sprouts are coming from various roots left from the removal. Other than dig

Maple – Bark Splits

Q: Nine years ago I planted 4 red maples . I am concerned about two of the trees. Their bark has long cracks in it. Why? A: My initial answer is "That's just what they do sometimes!" Notice ho

Rustic Sphinx Moth

Q: I found a caterpillar hanging upside down on my lantana. Can you please tell me what kind it is and what those white things are attached to its back? A: It looks like Rustic sphinx moth caterpillar. The moth

Asian Ambrosia Beetle – On Crapemyrtle

Q: I have toothpicks of sawdust coming out of the trunk of one of my crapemyrtles. The other one looks OK but this one can't put out much new growth. A: I feel sure you have an infestation of Asian ambrosia

Leafcutter Bee – In Branch

Q: I've never seen anything like this. A small branch, about as thick as a man's finger, fell from our mature oak tree. When my husband went to pick it up, he saw a small pile of sawdust at the end o

Rabbit – Eating Ornamental Sweet Potato

Q: I planted several ornamental sweet potatoes in planters around my house. Immediately, something started gnawing them to the bare stems. I thought it was a chipmunk. Today I caught the actual muncher with

Cottony Maple Scale

Q: I have what I think is a fungus on the underside of my red maple. It looks like white puffs of rice with a black spot on one side of the puff. The fungus is on almost every leaf. Some of the leaves look like t

Crapemyrtle – Roundup Damage

Q: OK, lets be up front about this, I did a stupid thing. I have made just about every mistake in the gardeners manual, but I make them only once. I forgot to purge my lawn tractor sprayer of Roundup the last tim

Pecan Phylloxera

Q: We have an enormous old pecan tree on our property. While planting some vegetables in mid-summer, we noticed some horrible looking leaves on the ground. We aren't sure if it's scab or something wo

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