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How to Plant a Purple Jacaranda Flower

2016/8/6 16:48:01


Jacaranda (Jacaranda mimosifolia) is a tree that grows in USDA hardiness zones 9b to 11. It produces purple trumpet-shaped flowers and has fern-like leaves. Considered a small shade tree, Jacaranda displays its beautiful flowers from spring until summer. Purple Jacaranda is often planted in parking lot islands, along streets and beside patios.

Step 1

Choose a location in full sun. Jacaranda can tolerate some shade, but it will not grow as full nor bloom as much as a tree planted in the sun. Keep in mind that the Purple Jacaranda can grow to 45 feet tall and 60 feet wide. Do not plant near electrical wires or other structures where its mature spread may cause a problem.

Step 2

Purple Jacaranda prefers well-drained soil. Dig a hole that is three times as wide and twice as deep as the plant's current container. Mix several inches of sand into the soil you just dug up. You can also amend the soil with compost or peat moss.

Step 3

Place your Jacaranda (in its container) in the hole. Backfill and adjust the plant depth so that the hole is now the same depth as the tree's current container and twice as wide. Take the tree out of the container and loosen the roots with your hands. Set the tree in the hole and spread out the roots. Space multiple trees about 35 feet apart.

Step 4

Backfill the soil halfway and then water. Consider having someone to help you. One person can hold the tree straight while the other backfills the soil. Tamp the soil with your feet and backfill the remainder of the hole. Water again and tamp the soil well to remove any remaining air pockets.

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