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Unusual House Plants

2016/8/4 17:42:37

Unusual House Plants

Unusual house plants remind us of the diversity of nature.

Just think...these remarkable plants originate from the far reaches of the globe and can reside with us in our homes.

Transplanted from foreign lands, unusual house plants call upon our sense of wonder. But their greater appeal lies in our ability to cultivate them.

This is just a handful of the odd, interesting, most peculiar plants I've come across that can be grown indoors.

Coral Bead Plant

This New Zealand native grows in a thick mat of intertwining stems with leaves that resemble Baby's Tears. In early summer small, white flowers appear followed by orange-red berries that completely cover the foliage.

I don't have experience with this one. From what I've read, Coral Bead Plant can be fussy about temperature and water, often making it a temporary house plant.

Living Stones

An amazing likeness to small stones makes this succulent blend in to its native South African landscape. Bright yellow daisy-like flowers appear once a year in mature plants.

Its curious habits make Living Stones a fascinating house plant.

Air Plant

Air Plants are the rootless wonders of the plant world.

This member of the bromeliad family grows lodged in the branches of trees in the South American rain forests, taking in moisture and nutrients through its leaves.

Its unusual nature allows a lot of creative possibilities as to where to grow it. It is shown here tucked into a seashell.

Paddle Plant

Large, flat leaves gives this odd-looking succulent plant its common name.

A South African native, Paddle Plant thrives in bright light, and its greenish-gray leaves will become red-tinged when exposed to full sun.

Coffee Plant

This is the plant that produces the world's most popular breakfast beverage.

Can you grow Coffee Plant in your home?

You bet.

But if you're expecting it to make your morning cup of joe you may be disappointed. It rarely flowers and produces fruit indoors. It makes a nice house plant, though.

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