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Types of Tulips

Types of TulipsTulips belong to the genus Tulipa, under which more than 70 species have been recognized and officially accepted. Read about the many different types of tulips and their individualistic characteristics in

Tulip Care Tips

Tulips are one of the most beautiful flowers, coming third in popularity after roses and chrysanthemums. Here are some tips for taking care of these breathtaking flowers. When we think about tulips

How to Grow Tulips Indoors

Beautiful tulips can be grown in your own home even if you are not an expert at gardening. Take a peek to know all about how to grow tulips indoors. Everyone loves blossoming flowers in their backy

Life Cycle of Tulips

The life cycle of tulips starts when the bulbs are planted from mid-September to mid-November, and ends when the leaves fade and wither away. This Buzzle article provides information about the life cycle of these beautif

How to Take Care of Tulips

Many people are fond of planting vibrant, beautiful tulips in their home gardens. They definitely provide a striking look to your garden. However, once you decide to plant tulips, you need to take a good care of them.

Facts about Tulips

There might hardly be any person who is not fascinated by vibrant, pretty tulips, one of the most popular spring flowers. They can be found in a beautiful variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. This Buzzle article tells y

What Do Tulips Mean

Beautiful tulips in varied hues are a great way of expressing your feelings! This is because there is a certain meaning associated with these gorgeous flowers. This Buzzle article tells you what do tulips mean and how th

Storing Tulip Bulbs

Tulips are wonderful, long-lasting flowers that can be grown in ones own backyard. After the blooming season, tulip bulbs can be stored carefully, and replanted the next fall during the flowering season. Lets find out ho

When to Plant Tulips

If its a tulip you plan to plant this year, then its important to learn about the best time to plant the bulbs and how to take care of them. This article gives you tips for the same. Tulip, an upri

Potted Tulips

Potted tulips are great indoor plants to keep. Read this article to know how you can take care of these lovely plants. Potted plants always liven up the décor of a home. They bring a sense of fresh

Purple Tulips

Purple tulips are a symbol of royalty and nobility. Read the following article and find out more about them. Surely, tulips must be the worlds third most popular flowers for a reason! Tulips belong

Parrot Tulips

A few important facts associated with parrot tulips are presented in the article. These attractive flowers are good for cultivation in a backyard garden. The parrot tulip is a flowering plant which

Yellow Tulips

Tulips are probably synonymous with the season of spring. Available in several colors that range from yellow and red to orange and pink, they have the ability to change the ambiance of any room. In this following write u

How to Care for Tulip Bulbs after Bloom

Once your tulips have successfully bloomed, wouldnt it be nice to save the bulbs for next year? But to do that, you need to know how to care of tulip bulbs after bloom. Lets take a look. Tulips are

Dividing Tulip Bulbs

Dividing tulip bulbs is a step that most tulip growers undertake to ensure that the bulbs remain healthy and flower for longer periods of time. Lets find out what the process is and also how to go about it.

How to Grow Tulip Bulbs in Water

Yes, you can grow tulip bulbs in water by following some very simple steps. Heres a guide that tells you how. Contrary to popular belief, you dont always need soil to grow flowers and plants, and t

Tulips Meaning

The tulips are amongst the most attractive flowers on earth. They are known for their vibrant colors and simplicity. Different colors of these blooms represent different qualities and ideas. Here are the meanings associa

Meaning of Red Tulips

Red tulips have as many symbolic meanings as the red rose. If you want to know the significance of red tulips, then go through the following article for more information. Tulips are one of the pret

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