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two types

I have seen two types of ocotillos. One has a gray stem with green leaves, the other one's stem is all green with green leaves. I want the second one. So I need to know the name and seeds to start growing. Sofia

HI Sofia,
Thanx for your question, the only ocotillos species readily available as a native plant in the U.S. is Fouquieria splendens.  It can have both green stems and gray stems when dried out and dormant.  Did you buy your specimens from a nursery or did you harvest them from the wild.  If you harvested them from the wild, F. splendens is the only species I know of here in the U.S. with a range from the Mojave desert in Southern California through Arizona, New Mexico and into Central Texas.  There are 11-13 species depending upon which botanist you talk to.  The other species are found in Mexico.  All Ocotillo genus is native to desert North America and nowhere else.  I believe you have the F. splendens.  I will recommend Mesa Garden out of Belen, NM because I have had experience with their seeds and find them to be honest and reliable.  Here's a link.  They can also give you more information as I'm not really a good cactus or succulent expert.  Ocotillo is not a true cactus.


I hope this helps!

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