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My pond is green!

I have a pond about 4'by3'by2'deep. I have had a lot of trouble with it. I live in Lakeland FL
    I put it in about 3 months ago. got the bottom weed I forget the name of them,36  for the bottom. I also have a water Lily, and various shore plants. I have 3 gold fish about 2-4"long, I have been to the local pond place and he says that I should leave it alone so the PH balance and right itself also to create a eco system.It has been 8 weeks now and the water is green with an alge bloom and there is green everywhere! I talked to him again and he says it will get better but the cascade is green and I can't see the bottom!the weeds are coming to the surface and while the new growth is green the rest is a nasty yellow I have a pump but no filter. He said I don't need one. I have the best eco-system there is! I have fish, frogs, polly wogs, and bugs. What mor can I do? I want to start all over but that would be so expensive.
    I have done a 1/4 water change about 4 weeks ago, but it didn't help. I can send a picture if you wish to see it


Ok build a biological filter and put pond peat or barley straw in it, I don't know what the PH of the water in Florida is but doing this should keep it at 7.4 or ther abouts. Sometimes Mother Nature needs a helping hand. I think this is a guy that sells pond stuff but doesn't know about ponds. There is very little expense involved. A little green is not bad. The plants are probably suffering root shock. RElax cut off the yellow stay with the green growth it takes a while for the whole biological thing to happen
          Be Happy Don't Worry
       If you run into any major snags glad to help.
The best thing to do is study your pond, don't just look at it the answer is there

                  I really hope this helps.


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