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Xanthosoma aurea ‘Lime Zinger’

Elephant ear (Xanthosoma aurea ‘Lime Zinger’) zanth-oh-SO-mah OR-ee-ah This elephant ear has 2-foot-long, heart-shaped chartreuse leaves that flutter in the slightest breeze and seem to glow, even on cloudy days. It performs well in full sun and partial shade and doesn’t mind slightly acidic, rich, moist soil Noteworthy Characteristics:  Plants grow as if on steroids, reaching 3 to 5 feet tall with a 4- to 5-foot spread. Propagation: 

Propagate by separating the tuberous rhizomes.

Problems:  Few, if any.


Height 3 ft. to 6 ft. Spread 3 ft. to 6 ft. Growth Habit Clumps Growth Pace Fast Grower Light Full Sun to Part Shade Maintenance Moderate Characteristics Showy Foliage Foliage Color Colorful/Burgundy Foliage Uses Combinations, Specimen Plant/Focal Point Style Beds and Borders Seasonal Interest Summer Interest Type Bulbs

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