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want sthing

2016/8/4 8:52:40

Boise, Idaho. ZONE: unsure

I asked this question previously of one the experts, and below is the reply. What is the possibility of any plant life at all living in the situation i have described below.

I live in mobile home park. chain link fencing has been placed in the spot that might be considered an alleyway, at the backend of trailers. But, the fence is not connected to the end of trailers which creates a distance of 4 feet, approximately. I want to create a block behind my trailer and another behind the trailer next, to enclose the yard for my 2 poodles.
I thought i might put up either the plastic chicken/garden fencing, or the latice work, and put in Lilac bush, or some other flowering shrub, which would discourage the dogs and others from passing through.
There is no sunlight, and the soil seems to stay moist pretty easy. I cannot tell u the acid or anything about the soil. I would like a low maintenance shrub/bush, flowering or not. What advice do u have for me? What do i need to do? And thank you.

Viktoria Serafin Answers -
Lilac is out of the question, as it requires full sun. There are not too many shrubs (for the non-gardener) that grow in the shade, are hardy in Idaho and are maintenance-free. An upright yew would do, but it will need to be cut back periodically or it will get too large.

Hi Judy,

Forget the lilac, they will not grow in the shade. Most deciduous shrubs require sun in order to bloom. Your space is small so you don't have a lot of choices and you are limited by climate as well. Possibly hemlocks would be o.k. but eventually they will outgrow the space. If I knew what zone you were in I might say try some of the hardier rhododendrons but I hesitate to recommend them without knowing more about your climate. Unfortunately you have an area that is not conducive to good plant growth.



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