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growing flowers in the caribbean

QuestionHi. I live in the Caribbean and would like to know if seeds I buy for flowers that grow in the United States would grow in the Caribbean. Thanks for your help. AnswerDear Rebecca, Well my first instin


QuestionI would like to know if a Peace Lilly can be seperated at the roots in order to make a Beta planter? AnswerDear Tammie, Yes, you can grow it in a dish, you can grow it with a fish. OK, forgive me the

landscape plants

QuestionHi Mellissa. I have an opportunity to go to florida this winter to do a couple commercial landscaping jobs and consultations. I`m a horticulturist from New Hampshire and am familiar with the plan

Hybiscus loosing open and closed Budds

QuestionHi, Why is my Hybiscus loosing budds and open flowers? I can`t see any insects? It`s still in the container from the store its 4 ft tall.I just took it home Sat, I plan to put it in a large pot to be k

ficus tree/fig tree

QuestionI have had a ficus tree for about three years. It has grown quite a bit and has survived, at least I hope, a severe case of scale insect. The sprays did not work so we had to use the powder form

scientific names of plants

Questionhi!, could you please provide me with the scientific names and family names of the following plants? a) custard apple (native to Malaysia, I think) b) avocado Thanks a million p.s- I need the infomat

Boganvillia (sp?) Plant

QuestionI bought a Boganvillia plant and was told to put it in a sunny location and water it profusely. It did well for a time, but then not so good. While in Hawaii, a botanist told me to mistreat the p

Deep Freeze !!

QuestionHi Melissa, We had a few very very cold nights here in Central Florida this week. My hibiscus,lantana and ixora took quite a beating. Should I leave them alone or cut them back? If so how far should I cut ba

Coffee plant

QuestionHi, Melissa: first excuse my English, its not my language! Ive had a coffee plant at home for the last 10 years (I live in Italy, therefore we have seasons). A couple of weeks ago I changed the pot and I put

Hibiscus Trees

QuestionI have two hibiscus trees which I purchased last fall. I left them outdoors until the weather turned cooler (Late Sept.) and then I brought them indoors. They are both thriving, lots of new growt

leaf dropping

QuestionI have two tropical plants I need help with. I have what I believe is a shefflera (sp?) and another tropical that had green and yellow variegated leaves. They were both full of leaves when I bought the

Tropical Plant I think.

QuestionI have a plant by the name of Synadcnium Grautii I bought this plant about 2 years ago when it was about a foot tall,now it stands about 6 feet tall. I live in Arizona so I must bring the plant indoors when

unusual plant name?

QuestionActually I have two questions. 1. We have a plant that we have had for years that bears a tropical fruit that is very good. My problem is..... We got the seed from my in-laws who are Cuban, and t

Winter protection of Hardy Banana plants

QuestionI live on the coast at Romney Marsh, Kent, and have enjoyed growing hardy banana (Musa Basjoo)this year - currently they are about 48 high and visually quite spectacular. I know that if I do not protect them


QuestionI recently asked you about growing fruiting bananas in zone 7. You replied that it could not be done. I was wondering if it could be done if I planted the main banana outside, and took off a pup

yellow allamanda

QuestionHello Vito, Thank you for your help with deciphering the origin and name of my pretty bush-yellow allamanda. I am planning on repotting it and placing in the house for the winter. I only have a


QuestionI have a Meyer lemon in a container (zone 5). I have been spraying the foliage with a Epsom salt/water solution about twice a month since May. I am not sure it has helped, but the tree has three

winter watering

QuestionHi, Im in zone 7 (almost 8) and planted cannas,elephant ears,and 1 windmill palm last spring. Am I supposed to keep on watering these through the winter or stop. Most people say I have to dig them all up too

Hibiscus brought Indoors

QuestionWe have brought our potted hibiscus inside by the indoor pool for the winter. The lighting is great, both through the window and from the flourescents. The temperature stays from 83-85 degrees Fa

winter protection

QuestionI am in zone 7 in Gainesville, GA just north of Atlanta. I have planted some windmill palms and some Loquat trees. I am curious if you have any suggestions to help protect the Loquat trees if my

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