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Phaleonopsis or Vanda Orchid divisions

2016/8/3 11:02:17

Can/does a Phal. or Vanda orchid divide? Or, do we just have the same plant as long as it lasts.

Hello Millie,

Phalaenopsis and vanda orchids are not propogated by dividing like most other orchids because there normally is only one growth. But, with that said, it is possible to make new plants by either keiki growths on phals and top cutting on vandas.

How is this done? Good question! (grin)

At times a phal will initiate a keiki or baby growth along the flower stem and in rare cases even make a keiki along the side of the mother phal. Once the keikis have several roots that are over 2 inches long you can remove them and put it in a small pot of its own.

Vandas, on the other hand, are usually propogated by cutting off some of the top growth. In order to do this, you would wait until there are roots growing off the side of the growth, count down 3 roots and cut about an inch or two below the third root. It would be a good idea to either allow the exposed cut to air heal for 12 to 24 hours before potting it. Of course, if you have it in a basket with little or no media, the cut will heal naturally.

But, if your vanda naturally produces side growths or branches, you can cut them off once they have 3 or more roots.

Hope this helped.

Jim Kawasaki
San Jose, Ca.

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