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Stromanthe care

2016/8/3 16:22:39

How do I care for my stromanthe plant.

Hello Sylvia - ah one of my favourite plants - I love all these plants in the maranta group - they have such spectacular foliage. They look great when placed as a contrast with other plants which have plain green leaves.

As the colours will fade in bright light your plant should be in a partially shaded position - definitely not bright sunlight. The compost should be kept moist and when watering use tepid water. Feed your plant twice a month during spring and summer.

It's a good idea to mist the leaves occasionally to increase the air humidity and this also helps to keep the plant looking clean and repel insects. You can also sponge the leaves now and then.

Stromanthes do not grow very tall, 6-8 inches maybe but I am sure you will enjoy growing it because of its lovely foliage.


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