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2016/8/4 9:48:30

I am trying to send my friend a bouquet of African Daisies, but I can't find them anywhere. Are they known by another, more common name? Would you know where I can find them to send?

Dear Kirsten

I believe what you are after are Gerbera. They come on a single stem, with no leaves and come in wonderful colours from white, yellow, orange, red, through to shocking pink and magenta. They are a lovely vibrant flower which look stunning on their own in a vase with maybe a little bear grass. I would imagine that any florist relay organisation such as Interflora would be able to source these for you. I would be very surprised if they did'nt.

Good luck in your search, but now you have the most used name (provided my description is what you are after) hopefully you should be successful.

Kindest regards


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