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Just Curious

QuestionHi my names Rebecca and I`m 17 years old. Recently I`ve become interested in flower arrangement and have even considered going into it as a profession. My question is can I make a good living bei

A certain color flower

QuestionI am trying to make leis in my school colors, black and gold. Are there any black flowers silk, artificial, or real? AnswerHi Shenna. You probably wont find any real flowers in this color, silk you might b

Hi,I would like to ask...

QuestionHi, I would like to ask the following questons: - how to tune (trim) Dimorphoteca Ecklonis white ? - is now the right period to trim it in Italy (rome) ? Thanks in advance, Best regards, Dome

Hardy flowers

QuestionDear Sue I work on a yacht and we often have floral arrangements on the decktable outside. We are in Florida at the moment and will be cruising the Carribbean soon. My problem is I can`t seem to find flowers

floral design

QuestionWhat kinds of tasking do you do in a normal working day? How much sitting, standing or physical activity do you do? Do workers have a voice in decision making? In what ways? What do you enjoy and

Flowers and arrangements

QuestionI would like to plant flowers in a nice arrangement but dont know which ones to plant now that would go together and grow by the summer. Can you offer some advice as well as a site that I could go to t

Finding out about calla lillies

QuestionHi Sue, My name is Leo and I am currious about the history and the general backround of calla lilies. What is their origin? How do they grow and for how long? When do they flower? What is their character(is

Keeping Gladiolas alive:from garden to vase?

QuestionI recently visited a friend in NY state. She has a lovely garden full of various vegetables and flowers, one of them being gladiolas. Upon seeing them I mentioned how beautiful they were and had wanted to ta

Selling wholesale silk floral arrangements directly to retail stores

QuestionHow do I find retail stores that merchandise hand-crafted silk floral arrangements in the metropolitan Phoenix, AZ area so that I may contact them to purchase my silk floral arrangements wholesale. How do I

Floral piece.

QuestionI would like to give my wife a floral centerpiece of live cut flowers that can then be planted in my garden. Please make suggestions. Thank you. AnswerDear Morty What a lovely idea. I am based in the U.K a

Floral costing

QuestionHi Sue! I know you are based in the U.K. but I imagine your answer will apply to any location in the world. I am starting a silk flower arrangement business. I do not intend to open a store but

cinnamon sticks for floral arrangement

QuestionI would like to find a store/outlet that sells cinnamon sticks in bulk for a craft project. Can you help. Thank you. AnswerHi Kay I do not think Im going to be of much use to you as I am based in th


QuestionI am trying to send my friend a bouquet of African Daisies, but I cant find them anywhere. Are they known by another, more common name? Would you know where I can find them to send? AnswerDear Kirsten I be

Silk standard topieries

QuestionI would like to know how to make a standard...two ball silk topiary. Can I make it with chickenwire? If so, how do I make the perfect round shape? Also, what could I use and how could I attach the cent

decorating a grapevine wreath

QuestionCan you please give me some suggestions on how to decorate a grapevine wreath using fruit. I had picked up some items at our local A.C. Moore craft store. I bought grapes, strawberries, blueberries. I was pl

wedding bouqet

QuestionDear Sue, My daughter is getting married in September and wants me to grow flowers for her bouquet and arrangements. yikes, I am a medium experienced gardner at best. I live in

wild moss

QuestionHi:) my question is: I have indoor plants and i would like to use moss to decorate the bottom of the pots on the top to show... I found wild growning moss in the outdoors, will it be safe to bring to my indo

Cleaning Artificial Flowers

QuestionJessica, Can you advise me how to clean artificial flowers. These are in a swag floral arrangement. Thank you, Maureen AnswerHi Maureen. Artificial flowers should be wiped clean with a cloth o

Cocks Comb flowers

QuestionIs there a way to preserve Cocks Comb flowers? I have beautiful flowers and would like to save some for fall decorating if possible. My son mentioned a neighbor asking for some of his. She

criteria for an evaluation

QuestionDear Jessica, Im interested in knowing your critieria on evaluating a good floral arrangement, and id greatly appreciate some information pertaining to the basic principles and concepts of a de

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