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Carolina Jessamine – No Flowers

Q: I have had a Carolina jessamine for four years. It has never bloomed. It appears healthy. A: I think you're pruning in winter and removing flower buds. Jessamine is a rambunctious grower so cutting it in

Lichens – On Sports Netting

Q: I’m a softball coach at Georgia State University. Our back stop netting at our softball facility has developed a "fungus" on it. This growth is starting to cover the entire netting area. A: What yo

Leyland Cypress – Removing Top

Q: I have rows of large (30-40 ft tall) Leyland Cypress trees surrounding a pool which I have been "shaving/pruning" for 14 years. They have become very top heavy and have started to splinter/lean to

Elm – Bleeding

Q: My elm tree is bleeding. The top is sappy but the bottom looks like fresh coffee grounds. This is about a foot tall and six inches wide. The tree itself is ancient. A: It looks to me like there was originally

Blossom End Rot – On Tomato and Pepper

Q: What causes young tomatoes to get a black bottom that turns to rot? A: Blossom end rot is caused by lack of calcium in the sap when the small fruit is growing. Calcium is distributed to the fruit in tomatoes v

Boxwood Blight – Not This

Q: Is this boxwood blight? A: My plant pathology friend Jean Williams-Woodward says "The plant looks like it is dying from a root problem, not boxwood blight. It is planted next to a stone walkway. It looks

Pollen Analysis – From Honey

Q: I am interested in matching pollen granules that my honeybees collect with the plant of origin. A: The best help I can find is from a professor at Texas A&M University in Austin. Although Austin is a bit w

Raised Bed – Filling With Bagged Products

Q: I've built my raised beds but I don't have a lot of soil to fill them. What should I use? A: I have had good success with Big Yellow Bag,  Scotts Premium Topsoil, Kellogg Raised Bed Mix,  Nature

Watermelon and Squash – Do Not Cross-pollinate

Q: I think I have a watermelon/squash hybrid in my garden. This came up this year where I planted squash. I didn't plant watermelons this year but had planted watermelons in the spot last year. A: It’s pro

Pond Bank – Weed Control

Q: We recently had stones placed on the bank of our detention pond to prevent erosion. Many animals and birds live there. Weeds are growing between the stones. We need an environmentally safe herbicide to kill th

Golden Digger Wasp – Identification

Q: These are all over my back yard flying just above the grass. What is it? A: They are golden digger wasps. They feed on crickets, grasshoppers and katydids and are considered beneficial insects. They are not ag

Schefflera – Pruning

Q: We need to trim this schefflera back. What is best? A: A schefflera can usually recover nicely from severe pruning but needs to be in bright shade, probably outdoors, in order to sprout new limbs faster. The b

Potatoes – Cooking in Pine Rosin

Q: Have you heard of using pine tree rosin for cooking potatoes? Is there a local source to purchase the rosin? A: At first I thought you were joking but people do endorse this cooking method! An entrepreneurial

Yellowjacket Nest – Structure

Q: I have dug up yellow jacket nests, after killing them, but they usually get torn up in the process. A friend sent me this picture of a nest which was under an AC unit. They didn't see any insects and wer

Crapemyrtle – Lots of Sprouts at Base

Q: How can I prevent the massive leaf growth at the bottom of my crepe myrtles? A: Severe winter pruning is almost always the problem. When you remove the top of a crapemyrtle it automatically tries to make new g

Iguana – Droppings in Pool

Q: For the past six months poop like this has been in our South Florida pool. It's very skinny, probably 1/4″ wide. Everyone said it was raccoon but it just doesn't look like any raccoon feces p

Deer – Droppings from Rich Diet

Q: I’m trying to find out who left this gift in my yard in Sandy Springs. Could it be a bear? Any ideas? A: UGA wildlife expert Mike Mengak wildlife expert says since this is on dry pine needles with no obvious

Bird – Avian Pox

Q: What disease does this bird have? I found him in a large container of water. A: Local birding guide Georgann Schmalz (birdingadventuresinc.com) says it's a juvenile American robin and probably has avian

Tree Limb – Sudden Breaking

Q: I have a beautiful 65-75 feet tall tree in my yard. Over the last year, it has dropped 3 significant-sized branches. Big enough that I have to get the chainsaw out to be able to move them. These branches obvio

Tenacity and Poa Constrictor – Use on Annual Bluegrass (Poa annua)

Q: What do you think about Tenacity or Poa Constrictor to remove annual bluegrass from my lawn? A: Both products are used by professionals and both are available to homeowners, though they are expensive. That sai

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