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Asclepias – Treatment During Winter

2016/8/15 11:54:21

Q: In March I planted two Asclepias butterfly plants. The plants grew OK, one better than the other and I didn't expect blooms the first year and I didn't get any (yet). I have been trying to get some information on how to handle these plants over the winter. I did send a note several weeks ago to the county agent but have not had any response. On the internet and talking to Pikes, I find both, cut the plants down in the fall and let the plants just go dormant and remain over the winter. Any advice you can give me?

A: I think you can cut them down to 12″ once the stems turn brown. Wrap a piece of red ribbon on the stem to mark them: the plant is slow to emerge in spring and you don't want to dig it up by mistake

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