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Cranberry Juice Calories

2016/8/8 17:08:31
Apart from its raw form, cranberry juice is widely available as cocktails and juice blends. This article provides some information about their calorie content.

Cranberries have long been used by humans, and are highly valued for their health benefits. These berries are produced by evergreen shrubs that are usually found in the cooler regions of the northern hemisphere. One of the major commercial crops in some of the American states, cranberries are mainly used to manufacture processed foods, like juice and sauce. These berries can be consumed fresh, or dried for future use.

Cranberries are associated with numerous health benefits. They are used for preventing and treating urinary tract infections. According to some recent studies, cranberries may prevent diseases, like cancer and kidney stones; and may also promote gastrointestinal health. These berries are rich in nutrients and antioxidants. In its raw form, cranberry juice has a tart flavor. It is also available as cranberry juice cocktail, which contains water and sugar (or any other artificial sweeteners). You may get cranberry juice blended with other fruit juices too. Even alcoholic drinks, like vodka, are mixed with cranberry juice, and are available in different brand names. White cranberry juice is the juice of cranberries which are harvested before they ripen and turn red. Cranberry juice is said to be beneficial for relieving the symptoms of urinary tract infection and bloating associated with menstruation. It is believed that, consumption of cranberry juice is good for preventing formation of kidney stones and some types of cancer. It is very rich in phytochemicals and tannins, which are responsible for most of the health benefits.

Calories in Cranberry Juice

Like any other fruit juice, freshly extracted cranberry juice is preferred to store-bought ones. However, you may not get fresh cranberries throughout the year. Hence, you have to use store-bought juice at times. In such cases, go for raw cranberry extract, without sugar or artificial sweeteners and other blends. Cranberry juice is low in calories, but it has high levels of vitamin C and other nutrients. The calorific value increases with addition of sugar, artificial sweeteners and other blends.

Type of Cranberry Juice Serving Size Calorie Count Unsweetened Cranberry Juice 1 fl oz 15 kcal " 100 g 46 kcal " 1 cup 116 kcal Cranberry Juice Cocktail (frozen concentrate with water) 1 fl oz 14 kcal " 100 g 47 kcal " 1 cup 112 kcal Cranberry Juice Cocktail (Bottled) 1 fl oz 17 kcal " 100 g 54 kcal " 1 cup 137 kcal Cranberry Grape Juice (Bottled) 1 fl oz 17 kcal " 100 g 56 kcal " 1 cup 137 kcal Cranberry Apple Juice (Bottled) 1 fl oz 19 kcal " 100 g 63 kcal " 1 cup 154 kcal Cranberry Apricot Juice (Bottled) 1 fl oz 20 kcal " 100 g 64 kcal " 1 cup 157 kcal
* Source: USDA National Nutrient Database

Nutrition Facts

100 grams of unsweetened cranberry juice contain 12.2 grams of carbohydrate, 0.1 gram of dietary fiber, 12.1 grams of sugar, 87.13 grams of water, 0.39 gram of protein, and 0.13 gram of fat. For more details about the nutrients in this juice, go through the table given below.

Nutrient Value Vitamin A 45 IU Vitamin B1 0.009 mg Vitamin B2 0.018 mg Vitamin B3 0.091 mg Vitamin C 9.3 mg Vitamin E 1.2 mg Vitamin K 5.1 mcg Folate 1 mcg Calcium 8 mg Magnesium 6 mg Potassium 77 mg Phosphorus 13 mg Iron 0.25 mg Zinc 0.1 mg
* Source: USDA National Nutrient Database

With a low calorific value and a high nutritional value, cranberry juice is commonly used in detox diets. It is suggested that, two glasses of cranberry juice per day is enough for good health. If you want to start a cranberry juice detox diet or a weight loss program, it is always advisable seek the opinion of your doctor first.

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